Carbon Footprint Assessment

We specialize in carbon footprinting to guide your journey towards a sustainable future.

Bilancia provides comprehensive carbon footprint assessment services to measure, analyze, and effectively reduce emissions.

Carbon footprint assessment is essential for organizations to understand and manage their environmental impact. By quantifying their GHG emissions, businesses gain insights into their environmental performance. With global initiatives like the United Nations- SDG’s driving action on carbon measurement, organizations can align themselves with sustainability goals, reduce emissions, enhance their reputation, attract eco-conscious customers, and comply with the evolving regulations.

We offer tailored strategies for emissions reduction, conduct climate policy analysis, and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Comprehensive GHG Accounting

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, covering emissions across the three scopes: Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.

Strategic GHG Accounting & Mitigation

GHG accounting plays a pivotal role in identifying emissions hotspots and formulating targeted strategies for emissions reduction. We provide strategic guidance to identify and mitigate carbon emissions.

Sustainable Emission Management

Support organization’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions through a collaborative and iterative approach i.e., the product’s life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials up to waste disposal. Monitor progress, identify new improvement opportunities, and refine strategies for dynamic sustainability services.